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Time for the DanceOff! Did you know that in addition to the weekly fun of regular Splatterdays, each week your city is matched against another TKS city? Fact! This ongoing city vs city competition is called “The DanceOff!” Check out the colorful brackets below and find your city and see who you are up against this week! Go ahead and eyeball that city!


Playing is easy! Your city must simply score more points than your week’s opponent/rival city/dance partner in order to score one “DanceOff Point.” Try to help your city win as many DanceOffs as possible by you personally playing and winning as many games as possible in Splatterday! The sixteen cities which accumulate the most DanceOff Points each season will play in the playoffs, and the city who wins that Final Sixteen Tourney will be named TKS DanceOff Champion and that city will win the honor of gently and lovingly applying a whipped-cream pie to the face of Dr. Brooks at Nationals!

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