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AGES 3-16



Once you enroll, we will assign you one of our veteran chess-expert/kid-expert school coaches who will email you to schedule the perfect time.



Lessons are 50 minutes, and include all the fun games and movies you see in The Knight School. Zoom Mates is a hit with brand-new-beginners and highly-advanced tacticians alike. Our goal is progress!

So will private lessons from The Knight School really help my game? It certainly will. We are the finest children’s chess club in the country, and our coaches begin each lesson with a friendly visit and greeting period, then launch straight into a customized-lesson or chess game with the student. When chess games ends, the coach has the ability to use our “Analysis Board” and to back the game up to the beginning in order to identify every single opportunity for improvement for the student. Perhaps more importantly, the Coach can highlight all the things that the Coach did right—the skewers, the developing, the forks, the discovered checks, the double checks, the intense, furious, laser-focus on delivering that checkmate. All the tactics are revealed. When the dust settles and the student comprehends what happened, the coach launches game two and the lesson intensifies.

zoom mates private lesson.PNG

But are the lessons fun? Oh, yes. Game two is not launched immediately. Although very often the student wants ONLY to play and to be critiqued. Instead, we require a rest between games, a rest in which we present zany chess movies, play fun chess games, and analyze fun puzzlers to sharpen our skills. Only then do we launch the second game, and a refreshed student then tries their darndest to beat the coach.

One fun aspect of The Knight School Private lessons is that our students can take the lessons learned and then join our fun private The Knight School chess tourneys that are held on the first and second Saturdays of each month. The details of these can be found on the Tourneys page of this website, but suffice it to say, the steady improvement of our private lesson students can be quantified easily by watching the relative placement of our Zoom Mates private students climb as the months progress. Our online chess tournaments for kids are an absolute blast: that is why we have hundreds attend every time! During the summer we even have interactive online chess camps!


Once the student achieves a sufficient level of mastery, that student can begin to join our live or online classes that occur all over the country all the time. Our online chess classes for kids are particularly compelling sine they include hotshots from every corner of America!  If a student outgrows a coach, since we are a national chess academy with a strong, vibrant presence nation-wide, we can always graduate a student to an even tougher coach. The Knight School is very proud of our thorough approach to private chess lessons for kids, and we invite you to try one today!



See why The Knight School is so effective at teaching kids and having a blast.

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