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AGES 5-12

School Mates is our curriculum that brings our fantastic The Knight School recipe for chess lessons for kids to schools through private and public grants or school district funding. School Mates is a chess kids academy that conducts chess classes in a variety of during-school and after-school formats, for entire school groups like gifted classes or other classes, for entire grades, for entire schools, or even for entire school districts.


The Knight School was initially founded to be a boutique, high-end chess club for kids, delivering the perfect chess experience, sparing no expense, that rings every possible kid-bell! In the past ten years, The Knight School has established School Mates, an endeavor in which we have moved beyond only teaching in the affluent centers, offering the same pristine, high-energy chess extravaganza to children in all areas of the city for a vastly reduced tuition rate or totally for free, typically paid by various local grants or benefactors or directly funded by school districts that are seeking to improve standardized test scores. If you are interested in helping to fund chess in one or more Title I schools in your area, please contact us!

“I truly believe Dr. Brooks and The Knight helped in transforming our school culture.”

–Dr. Charles Yeager, Gardendale Elementary School Principal

“The Knight School left our students at the Birmingham Summer Institute not only with a tremendous amount of chess knowledge, but also with strategic thinking skills they carry with them to all types of problem solving encounters, including academic, interpersonal, and larger social situations.”

–Mallory Bubbett, Birmingham Boys’ Institute Summer Site Coordinator


“It was such a blessing for our children to have the opportunity to be introduced to the game of chess. Some of our children are unable to participate in extracurricular activities due to their families’ economic status, so you coming to share your time was greatly appreciated 

–Chrysanthea Thomas, Chalkville Elementary School Teacher and Chess Moderator


“TKS chess program has opened doors of opportunity for my students helping to nurture and grow them as future leaders, enhancing their academic performance, developing critical thinking skills, and increasing confidence and self worth. 

–Teresa Blount, Center Point Elementary School Guidance Counselor and Chess Moderator


“I have worked with Dr. David Brooks since 2012, the year he brought The Knight School Chess experience to Irondale Community School, a Title 1 Jefferson County School.  He has taught 50-80 third, fourth, and fifth grade students each year. As a veteran teacher with 39 years in the classroom, it is a thrill to see these students excited to play a mentally stimulating game that teaches critical thinking skills and social skills.  
–Nancy Dunn, Irondale Community School Gifted Teacher and Chess Moderator

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We are always grateful for the sponsors who step up and make possible our amazing chess club for kids to kids in their city who would otherwise never know the joys and benefits of chess. We even do preschool chess classes though SchoolMates! The Knight School is so happy that our after school chess program offers have ten different divisions through which we can complete the perfect childhood of so many great kids.



See why The Knight School is so effective at teaching kids and having a blast.

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