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AGES 3-16

In-Person TournaParties and Online Saturday Tourneys are the culmination of our exciting chess lessons for kids, and they are all free and exclusive benefits of enrollment in any of our 11 TKS programs. 





One of the elements that sets The Knight School after school chess program apart from every other chess academy is how replete our offerings are, and just how effectively we ring every single fun-bell for kids, including regularly hosting fun chess tournaments both in-person and online. For example, on the first Saturday of each month, all enrolled TKS kids from across the nation are invited to convene at our exclusive, private online tourney at 3 pm CT and rumble! Our goal is to determine the best TKS player in the USA! The top three placers receive a rare TKS Yellow Shirt in the mail.


The second Saturday is even wilder, competing in an online tourney which highlights various zany derivatives of chess.


Then in December and May, at almost every TKS Location, we hold giant and local, IN-PERSON semester-ending-finale TournaParties that are the highlight of the year for the kids enrolled in our programs. At these LIVE “Tournaparties,” all The Knight School chess teams in your city convene at one location and a city champion is crowned. Contact your City Coach for more location-specific details!

On the third weekend of May and December, a national online Lichess TournaParty occurs, in which grade-level tourneys are hosted, and the winners of each grade compete to earn the title of TKS national champion. These high-energy May and December fun chess tournaments for kids are another free-benefit of enrollment.


All the specifics, such as the exact links to each tourney, are transmitted to all enrolled families via our monthly newsletter, The Knightly News. In this informative monthly email, parents are notified about upcoming events, about all the login details to the upcoming month’s tourneys, and about all the happenings in The Knight School.

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Remember, these Saturday online chess tournaments for kids are always optional, always fun, and always a private tourney just for our enrolled families. Some kids play every Saturday, some play some Saturdays, and some never play at all. The decision is totally up to you! These tourneys are simply a free bonus benefit designed to give kids a chance to play against each other across the city and across the USA and to perfect their chess games. All our online tournaments are exactly 60-minutes, and they all begin with a fun and thrilling countdown and they end with the top three scorers being honored on a podium, complete with virtual confetti! Since these top three scorers also receive a yellow TKS shirt in their mailbox, the ending of these tournaments are always exciting and compelling, and many kids just watch the final games to see the incredibly high level of chess.

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Another extremely unique feature of The Knight School is our own personal robot named “BotUgly.” BotUgly emails all families within 24 hours of enrollment and creates a Lichess account for you, places you on the national TKS Chess Team and also on your own city’s The Knight School Chess Team. This makes online chess classes for kids very simple, and private lessons as well. Mainly, though, these automatically-generated credentials make joining our Saturday tournaments a painless, enjoyable process, eliminating potentially-frustrating enrollment, activation, and linkage steps, and automating these steps with a smooth, waltzing motion into our online fun!


BotUgly sends you your own personalized credentials so that all a new enrollee has to do is go to, enter your snazzy new credentials, and poof! You are playing in our exclusive, private The Knight School chess arena, reserved only for all the enrolled kids in TKS!  


For team-competitions and challenge-matches, please refer to our "The Varsity" City-Wide Advanced Chess Program.



See why The Knight School is so effective at teaching kids and having a blast.

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