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See why The Knight School is so effective at teaching kids and having a blast.

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AGES 3-5



Little Geniuses is a chess-song singing, laughing, chess-tourney, dancing, chess clock-slapping, zany chess video, puppet show introduction to chess and being the smart kid in class. Kids report Little Geniuses to be the favorite part of their week because kids love our developmentally-targeted, infectiously-fun thinking activities and find them compelling, exhilarating, and extremely gratifying.


Your school is invited to affiliate with us as we--at this crucial and developmentally formative preschool stage--delightfully impart to every one of our Little Geniuses a self-identity as a very smart person!

Can preschoolers really learn chess? You bet they can! The Knight School Little Geniuses Chess Program is a preschool chess class with an ingenious curriculum designed to exactly target, stimulate, and delight the preschool mind. Our fun chess lessons of the week—“Think a Plan and Follow It,” “Cool Kids Lose Well,” “Friends Are Always There,” “Never, Ever Cheat,” I Must Never Give Up,” and another ten like those—are just what preschoolers need to hear and want to hear. These chess lessons for kids can last a lifetime.

Our The Knight School Little Geniuses Preschool chess songs—"Baby Pawn,” “Go, Go, Go You Little Geniuses,” and “Hey Sophia, Do You Want to Learn How to Set Up the Pieces?”—are super-catchy and super-silly. Chess for kids, especially these littles, is our specialty. Our daily puppet shows with Kingy and our horse puppet “Knighty Knight” always reinforce the daily chess lesson, and reinforce how the chess pieces move and how to win, and Knighty Knight at the end never, ever velvet-bites the kids when they try to pet his snoot goodbye. Or does he? Reach in and pet him to find out…


And of course, every child receives their very own The Knight School chess set, chess board, chess pieces, and chess tote, which is often heavier and bigger than they are, and which is quite a cute carpool sight as they proudly carry their chess set into preschool every chess day, wearing their blue The Knight School Chess team shirt, and wearing all the colorful wristbands that they have earned for learning all the weekly lessons. Our fun chess tournaments for kids are really something to behold when the child is a preschooler! And of course, graduating from Little Geniuses Preschool Chess makes entrance into an elementary chess team very stress-free and very exciting for a rising kindergartner, who then matriculates to the orange shirt! Nice! See our Chess Nuts Kindergarten Program for more on this. 

Developmentally, learning chess early works like learning a foreign language early. Laying down the mental pathways of cause and effect, careful consideration, critical thinking, inventing solutions, and personal assertiveness are crucial at this formative stage. Perhaps even more crucial is our firm intention to develop a self-perception in our students that they are a very smart person, perhaps the smartest in their class. Academic confidence bears enormous fruit over the course of a lifetime, and beginning its cultivation cannot occur too early. Obviously, The Knight School children’s chess club is powerfully committed to one thing: completing the perfect childhood of each and every student who we have in our classes. Please join us!

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