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AGES 5-16



Pink Geniuses Chess Team is the name for the band of awesome girls who make up an important part of The Knight School after school chess program. We value creating space for smart girls to feel safe and supported in their quests to become smart chess girls!



Join this national ZOOM girl-power The Knight School chess party and give your daughter the gift of amazing chess friends from across the USA, undeniable academic confidence, a self-identity as a smart kid, and a weekly dose of childhood joy that is the highlight of her week! This after school elementary chess class is taught by Georgetown graduate, Fulbright scholar, and TKS co-founder Olivia Brooks. Sign up today!


Did you know that in 2003 The Knight School was founded by Dr. Brooks and his seven-year-old daughter Olivia? True fact. She even invented the color-a-week format that is at the core of what we do today, in our weekly classes as well as in our summer chess camps. In fact, the initial idea of both Olivia and dad was that girls would be the main target of TKS, and we are still equally committed to bringing chess to every girl in America.

Our Pink Geniuses chess kids academy for girls has a great atmosphere of support and solidarity. When a group of very smart girls collaborate to determine the best chess move in a given scenario, it is spectacular!

Just like all The Knight School classes, Pink Geniuses opens with this question: “Welcome to the Knight School: How do you feel?” The girls respond in a roar with our school battle cry: “GREAT COACH!” A chess school with a deafening battle cry every single chess class? Yep. Welcome to The Knight School.


Our chess kids academy is absolutely unique in that it actually prioritizes learning chess third, after good sportsmanship, which is paramount, and fun, which is indispensable! But don’t worry, this counterintuitive philosophy actually provides the very best approach to genuinely becoming devastating at chess. True mastery of the chess board, like dance, soccer, and everything else, can take years and years of applied practice. Our safe and intensely exciting classroom environments are the perfect atmosphere to motivate girls to stay in chess long enough to get better and better at chess over time, and to ultimately become practically unbeatable. What we mean by that is that at a long weekend of state championship play our veterans can lose some chess games, but at a weekend slumber party or an adult soiree when they are challenged by a swaggering, overconfident adult, our girls’ attack is lightning-fast, hilariously destructive of their opponent, and literally in many instances breathtaking. This is what we want for our girls, and this is what many, many of them achieve.


And we are proud of the wide array of venues in which we offer this exciting approach. We offer Pink Geniuses online chess classes for girls, as well as an exciting week-long Pink Geniuses summer chess camp. Whatever the class format, though, our goal is always to instill impeccable sportsmanship in an environment akin to an amusement park or a spectacular birthday party while creating true chess experts. If you are looking for grandpaw’s silent, snooty, mandatory-chess-notation library, this is not the place. But if you are after a children’s chess club that will keep girls excited until the muse shows up with their chess epiphany, welcome to The Knight School! How do you feel?



See why The Knight School is so effective at teaching kids and having a blast.

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