In The Knight School Elementary Program, which is our largest program, our “Tactic of the Week” chess curriculum is the most effective way to get kids very good at chess very quickly. Kids are driven to collect each colorful "Tactix-Band," and The Knight School harnesses this as one of its core engines that drive kids to learn and apply each different tactic during live chess play. Since mastery of each different chess tactic is demonstrated by the colorful wristbands each child wears, and since each tactic is represented by one specific color, and since the harder tactics are denoted by the darker, cooler colors, kids can literally look at each other and perceive the chess expertise levels of everyone in the room. So the kids are powerfully motivated to demonstrate to each other what they know and how good they are at chess.

TKS Curriculum 2021.png

And in the mad frenzy to collect all 25 wristbands and thus to earn the uber-cool black shirt, before they even know it, kids are doing tactics and even combinations of chess tactics that cannot be countered. In this thrilling process, The Knight School students are thinking more deeply than they have ever done in their lives, and they are mastering the chess board. More importantly, when they look up from that board smiling and shaking the hand of the person they just defeated, they look around at a room and at a world that they soon realize can be engineered with the same ease. Chess saves children, and as educators, saving children is what we do. Our curriculum is spectacular.
We also have a brilliant curriculum designed just for our preschool program, “Little Geniuses.” Check it out!

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