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The Knight School takes great pride in our policy that no child is ever turned away for financial reasons. We founded our chess academy on this principle and we have been unwaveringly following it throughout our history. No child has ever been turned away from the Knight School for financial reasons, and none ever will be.


Moreover, we insist that parents are not required to undergo an invasive application process in order to utilize this program. Any parent who communicates with us concerns about the cost of The Knight School is offered a partial or a full scholarship.


In the same vein, full payers and scholarship kids are indistinguishable during class and at every other time. Confidentiality on this point is so airtight that scholarship students seldom even know they are scholarship kids. Even classroom coaches often do not know.


The Knight School puts kids first in every way, and we are fiercely protective of all kids, especially those whose families are experiencing temporary hardships.


In the classes below, for example, it is impossible to identify who is on scholarship, and that is how we like it!

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