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We in The Knight School open every single one of our  weekly classes with the exact same question: "Welcome to the Knight School. How do you feel?" The kids all scream in a powerful, wall-paper curdling blast, "GREAT COACH!" and then, on Coach's exact cue, go into abject silence and settle in for the hilarious chess tactics lesson of the day. The coaches of The Knight School are powerfully driven to bring the joy of chess to every child in America. Founded by Head Coach and 20-year veteran classroom teacher David Brooks, Ph.D., the coaches in The Knight School bring our chess program into scores of schools each week. During our allotted weekly chess time, we initiate a unique, party-based, kid-focused, high-octane approach to learning chess and rocking a very fun chess tournament. The long, boring chess clocks, awkward required silence, mandatory chess notation, and friendless chess tournaments of our grandfathers' generation are gone!


In their place is The Knight School: fun movies, exciting driving music that accompanies our challenging chess puzzlers for candy prizes, our colorful silicone wristbands system in which each color connotes mastery of a different chess tactic, and daily chess tournaments where we actually play for each other's Mardi Gras beads! Laughter and friends and silliness abound and our chess classes ring every single kid-bell. In this party atmosphere, kids get better each week without even noticing. Many of our chess moms and chess dads report that TKS students develop amazing problem-solving skills, superior sportsmanship, and, perhaps most importantly, a whole new academic confidence that will subsequently color all the classrooms they will ever enter! Additionally, critical thinking and standardized test scores have been proven to be significantly enhanced by chess mastery.


We in The Knight School have been State Chess Champions many, many times, and our kids have a blast from their first moments as a lost, nervous beginner, to the moment when they suddenly realize they can destroy all the kids in their neighborhood in chess, to that proud moment when we hand the big shiny trophy to our principal. We in The Knight School are not primarily business people or primarily chess people; we are educators first, and we are powerfully, personally driven to complete the perfect childhood. Welcome to the Knight School! How do you feel?

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