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AGES 16-18

The Knight School after school chess program offers a rewarding opportunity to our veteran students once they turn 16. The Knight School Chess Coaching Internship considers applications from any The Knight School students who in the past had been enrolled for three or more years in The Varsity City-wide Advanced Chess Class. Yes, serving as a The Knight School Intern comes with a cool gray shirt! And in addition to the joys of running fun chess tournaments for kids, perhaps far more importantly, the benefits of the TKS Internship can profoundly influence college admissions committees.


TKS Interns volunteer to assist with chess classes, either assistant-coaching in one of our afterschool chess programs or at one of our fun chess camps. Selective colleges lean toward applicants who have completed extracurricular academic endeavors while still in high school, and chess coaching is exactly one such prestigious credential that helps fill out the perfect college essay, and frankly, to complete the perfect childhood. Dr. Brooks actually has a blog on this website that addresses college admission requirement at the elite universities, and completion of an extracurricular high school academic program is definitely among these. Our founder Dr. Brooks has had two children admitted to Georgetown University, and they each declined admission to other top 30 schools to become a Hoya. Check out Dr. Brooks’ opinion regarding what the 30 top colleges actually want:


If selected for this program, TKS Interns will work alongside professional TKS Coaches to learn all the tricks of the trade. From classroom management to chess prowess to all the secrets of the recipe that has made The Knight School classes so amazing over the years, TKS Interns will be trained to the gills. This internship will serve as a mini-course in early childhood education, with a lot of math and chess thrown in!


The Knight School Internships constitute participation in exactly the type of extracurricular academic program that elite colleges seek, but they also generate volunteer hours that can be used to satisfy the requirements of many high school clubs and organizations. Additionally, a TKS Internship can lead to actual employment as an online private coach, teaching chess lessons for kids during the senior year of high school, or teaching online chess classes for kids, both of which, interestingly, satisfy an entirely different element sought by elite universities: intellectually-stimulating employment while in high school.


Additionally, those who graduate from the TKS Internship Program are eligible to apply for a part-time position as a The Knight School chess coach once they are in college. Since TKS is all over the U.S., these opportunities are available in many cities, with more on the horizon each day for sure! School Coaches earn very good money working part-time as a chess coach during afternoons, which tends to work very well with college schedules.


There is even a lifetime career track for TKS Interns if they meet our qualifications as a City Coach. A City Coach is the owner of an entire city, and they coordinate their own team of School Coaches who coach chess in all the excellent elementary schools in a given city. We have three TKS City Coaches right now—Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., and Fort Worth—who at one time were TKS students, then high school volunteers, then School Coaches, and are now business owners! What a fun life to teach chess every day! It is also extremely liberating, rewarding, and lucrative. Once your TKS Varsity veteran student is over 16, consider applying to The Knight School Internship Program. Chess for kids can lead to some fun avenues of chess for teens and adults!



See why The Knight School is so effective at teaching kids and having a blast.

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