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Everyone currently enrolled in TKS America is invited. All you have to do is defeat everyone in your grade and you will get a yellow shirt and be the grade-level national champion!


Format? We've already made every student in The Knight School America a free chess account for our online tournaments. If you still need your login credentials, please Contact your City Coach ahead of time.


When? Saturday, May 21st, at 3:00 Central time!


How long? All divisions--Preschool, Kindergarten, Grades 1st-8th, and the Open Section--will last 60 minutes each.


Open Section? What is that? If you are older than 8th grade, or if you simply choose to skip your own grade tourney because you are so advanced, you may enter the Open Section, but you may not do both! Once you enter the Open Section that is your section for the day.


Who? Each different grade has its own private tourney! See the links below and find your current grade. ONLY students of The Knight School are permitted to enter.


Where? Go to the link for your grade, below.


Why? For the fun! Also to declare a national champion for each grade. Also for the yellow shirts!


Yellows? Yep, real super-snazzy yellow TKS shirts, shipped to your doorstep. If your child comes in first place in their grade, then email the National Office at Or you can text Dr. Brooks at (205) 332-5233. Either way is fine. Include your grade and shipping address and a screenshot with your child on top of the trophy podium, in first place!


Tournament of Champions for the National Championship: And if you win your grade, a sudden-death tournament of champions will launch at 4:15 pm sharp Central Time. It will also last exactly 60 minutes, and that link will not be publicly available. If you win your grade, immediately send an email with a screenshot of you on the podium to, and Dr. Brooks will instantly send you that link for the private championship tourney, which will occur from 4:15-5:15 pm Central time. Or you can text Dr. Brooks at (205) 332-5233. So we swap you a screenshot for the secret Tournament of Champions link. Cool huh?


Remember, only kids who are actually enrolled in TKS, who have the credentials we sent to you upon enrollment, are eligible to play! If you don’t know those credentials, Contact your City Coach in the days before this big national tourney and they will look that up for you.












When my grade-level tourney is over, is the whole tourney over? No! There are two final tourneys. They are optional, of course, but you are invited if you want more chess:


If you win your grade-level tournament, click here to return to the Tournament-of-Champions Instructions. Grade-level winners are not allowed to compete in the Rainbow Tourney, below.


For everyone placing 2nd or below, we will have a rainbow tournament, the winner of which earns a yellow shirt and the coveted title of national rainbow-tourney champion! All grades will play together in this, so it may be huge! It will also be from 4:15-5:15 PM Central Time:


Warm Summer Good bye: From the end of these tourneys until next fall or until summer chess camp, that’s it from us at The Knight School. It has been wonderful, and next term promises even more! And as we always declare right before we play, “We wish you the best of luck!”

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