The most elite division of The Knight School is The Masters. The Masters is a small, Sunday-night gathering at a local restaurant where twenty of the most veteran students in The Knight School play chess and socialize. Selection to this elite, older chess group is strictly based on how many years a student has been enrolled.


Tuition in The Masters is totally free! Kids need to bring money to buy dinner each Sunday night.


The shirt color for this division is tie-dye green.


Non-negotiable prerequisites:

  1. Active enrollment in The Varsity Thursday-night city-wide advanced class
  2. Commitment to regularly attend the Masters every Sunday night, missing only one or two classes per semester when there are pressing conflicts
  3. Status as one of the 20 longest-enrolled kids in The Knight School.


This class is a reward for the kids who have been with The Knight School the longest and is an opportunity for the City Coach to play intense, in-depth, quiet chess with the best TKS chess players in the city. The Masters meets every week of the chess year, Sunday evenings from 5:30-7:00 at a local restaurant. The format is quiet chess play among the older students in TKS, and notation and 30-minute clocks are required. Students don one color of Mardi Gras bead and intensely play each other for the bead, slowly whittling the group of very experienced chess players down to one champion who in the end is wearing the bead of every Master. Once one student accumulates all the beads, the winner of this little The Masters "mini-state championship" immediately receives a dessert bought by The Knight School, and then we all put on beads again and start over! Coach participates in this ongoing tourney as well. Fun camaraderie and Coach-led friendly chess analysis are the hallmark of this older group who is devoted to quiet, serious chess play. If you are interested, inquire today to your City Coach to learn how the duration of your enrollment compares to all the other kids in your city.


Format: Quiet (yes, that's right; no screaming. We will adjust somehow) 30-minute USCF style chess gameplay between the 20 (or whatever number enroll) Masters and your City Coach. The student will notate and play, and Coach will manage the class and play. We will use the notation to reconstruct select games and analyze them on our chess engine we call Fritzy so we can discuss what lesson the situation on our chessboard presents to all of us, and how the chess engine who have played our game.


Parents may drop-and-go or may stay and eat dinner in this restaurant and watch from afar or up close. Coach will rotate and play kids in alphabetical order by last name. Absences will not change this rotation, so don’t be absent and get skipped. Students receive a brown shirt the first time they defeat Coach. Fun!


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